Locomotive services
We have wide experience in all common forms of motive power including:
• Steam
• Petrol - mechanical
• Petrol Hydraulic / hydrostatic
• Battery / Electric
We have a wide knowledge of the common model engineering designs for which castings are available.
We have constructed bespoke 7¼” locomotives in narrow-gauge and to ‘Warship’ design.
Support provided for

  • Completion of part-built locomotives
  • Repair and renovation including re-boilering where necessary
  • Preparation for boiler testing - including requirements for two methods of filling a pressurised boiler
  • Re-painting
  • Specialist machining

Incomplete and second hand locomotives, rolling stock and general model engineering items always sought.


Railway operation and support
We can provide guidance and training on:

  • Safe miniature railway operation,
  • Boiler testing requirements for steam models
  • Track and rolling stock clearances and infrastructure dimensions
  • Safety risk assessments for commercial and club railways
  • Safe maintenance and driving of steam locomotives
  • Guard and station controller duties and responsibilities

All guidance and training is based on best practice developed over many years as well as through recognised documents such as the HSG215.