Products to help the Amateur Engineer

- A variety of steam raising blower designs
- Designs to make your own steam-raising blower
- Shovel and Poker sets
- Locomotive driving toolkits
- Driving at night LED cab lights
For garden railways
- Complete, all steel 3½” + 5” gauge portable track system
- Trucks and wagons in 5”, 7¼ ” and 10¼” gauges
- Latching and balance weight point lever kits
- Petrol-hydraulic warship locomotive for 7¼” gauge
For workshops
Jigs and fixtures made to assist Amateur engineers
- Axlebox machining jig
- Wheel machining fixture
- Wheel quartering jig
- Adjustable brake-shoe machining jig
- Locomotive Building Stands
- Scissor and hydraulic lifts
Craftsmen available to undertake one-off or small batch machining 
- including wheel sets, axleboxes, cylinders etc
AutoCAD drawing service for new designs
- convert your sketches into engineering drawings for development or publication.

Training courses provided on how to drive and how to maintain steam locomotives and traction engines
- Our own locomotives range from 3½” gauge to 10¼” gauge 
- Or provide your own locomotive and we will show you how to get the best from it

Safety is an important part of these courses
Topics include 
• recommendations for establishing your own drivers toolbox
• carrying passengers safely
• HSG215 recommendations for setting up and running a railway